Brotherhood of the Coast



The Frères de la Côte is a worldwide social fraternity whose members commit to each other their friendship, integrity, co-operation and service in nautical and social affairs.

The essence of the Frères de la Côte recalls this Brotherhood. The bond between Frères of all Nations is strong. The black burgees and flags, proudly flown from the mast head, with its distinguishing national and local logo, invites Frères from throughout the world to step aboard and make them-selves known.
An example of the Frères Brotherhood: You sail into a foreign port, there is a problem with your boat. You spot the Frères burgee flapping on the mast of a nearby vessel. You make contact and there, you have a new friend, most likely local, who can advise you where to get help. A happy relationship ensues and the Brotherhood has achieved its purpose once again.

Last update : 20/02/2014